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Disturbing power the Code Pink way

by Jodie Evans Interviewed by David Barsamian Boulder, CO August 7, 2011 available from Alternative Radio Jodie Evans is a veteran activist with more than 30 years experience in organizing for social change. She cofounded Code Pink with Medea Benjamin. They’ve also edited the book Stop The Next War… Continue reading →

Obama abuse

by Fred Nagel, Rhinebeck, NY in a letter to the Woodstock Times September 22, 2011 Even for a politician who has made his career out of serving the rich and well connected, these must seem like dismal times. Back in Chicago, all Obama had to do was to obey the corrupt Democratic machine. And he did… Continue reading →

The gamble of Abu Mazen (أَبُو مَازِن‎)

by Uri Avnery, September 24, 2011 following President Obama’s speech before the UN, giving his reasons for the US not supporting Palestine First this (where President Obama was more right wing than most Israelis [see this]) and then: A WONDERFUL SPEECH. A beautiful speech. The language expressive… Continue reading →

The future of journalism and democracy

by Robert McChesney, speech delivered in Boston, MA, 7 April 2011, available from Alternative Radio Robert McChesney is co-founder of the Free Press, a non-profit organization working to increase public participation in media policy debates and a creator of the National Media Reform Conference (www… Continue reading →

The real implications of climate change

by Naomi Klein, journalist, author, and social activist calls for system change through a relocalizing of our economies and a fundamental shift away from market-based “free trade” globalization. Please watch this 11-minute video We cannot deal with climate change unless we deal with the underlying… Continue reading →

Former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni discusses how to use the charge of antisemitism

In an 14 August 2002 interview with American journalist Amy Goodman, Shulamit Aloni– שולמית אלוני‎, a prominent member of the Israeli peace camp, founder of the Ratz party, leader of the Meretz party, Minister of Education from 1992 to 1993–described how she believes the charge of antisemitism is… Continue reading →

The strange politics of the U.S. 2012 election–Part 2

Part 2: Problems ahead for Obama? by Jack S. Smith, Activist Newsletter The New Yorker magazine published a memorable front cover a year after President Barack Obama assumed office. It was a four-panel cartoon-like drawing by artist Barry Blitt of a man walking on water, a reference to the Apostle… Continue reading →

The strange politics of the U.S. 2012 election–Part 1

Part 1: What both parties are up to by Jack S. Smith, Activist Newsletter When was it that the most extremely disturbed inmates seized control of the madhouse known as the American political system? We know they are wielding decisive influence within the two-party structure by their destructive… Continue reading →

American troops to remain in Iraq

by John Glaser appearing in Activist Newsletter, September 9, 2011 The Obama administration has endorsed a plan that would keep 3,000-4,000 American troops in Iraq past the Dec. 31 deadline to withdraw, although the full there will be much larger. Just how large isn’t yet certain, but the numerous… Continue reading →

Two Santa Clauses, or how the Republican Party has conned America for 30 years

by Thom Hartmann Published on Monday, January 26, 2009, by Thom Hartmann ( is a Project Censored Award-winning New York Times best-selling author, and host of a nationally syndicated daily progressive talk program, The Thom Hartmann Show. His most recent books… Continue reading →