Getting naked for Bradley Manning

From Firedoglake is this article (with photo) from CodePink activist Logan Price, who, clad only in jock strap in front of the State Department on March 14, 2011, protested the inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning.

Our military has sent so many of my peers – idealistic young Americans – to die painful and horrible deaths or come home wounded and traumatized from a war founded on lies.

Rather than pursue the criminals who lied over nine-hundred times to get us into Iraq, the Obama administration is bent on taking it all out on Bradley — a shy young private who may have been the only person courageous enough to give us anything close to the full truth about these horrible wars.

Bradley Manning is being tortured in pre-trial detention. He has lost his rights and he is constantly humiliated, denied sleep or exercise, and spends 23 hours a day in single, small cell….

In the last two years, Obama has decided to prosecute more whistle blowers than all previous administrations combined. He does so regardless of the fact that these acts push him closer to the despots that have fallen –and will hopefully continue to fall, in part thanks to WikiLeaks—to democracy in the Middle East. And to claim that the leaks did more harm than good — is just another stupid lie…..

It is a shame that our leaders don’t have the courage to face the hard truths of our time. Instead, they strip Manning of his rights and leave him to stand cold in his cell, for 7 hours, naked. When one of their own speaks out, they fire him. Abusers project their own shadow. Without even being convicted of a crime, Bradley is already serving the sentence of all the criminals he is blamed of exposing.