Bill McKibben at PowerShift

Check out Bill McKibben‘s speech at PowerShift.

The majority in our House of Representatives apparently believe that because they can amend the tax laws, they can amend the Laws of Nature, too.

The radicals in this fight are not the environmentalists who might commit nonviolent civil disobedience; the radicals are those “who are fundamentally altering the composition of the atmosphere.” Hell, the entire biosphere.

Comment on Facebook: Money pollution will only end when those opposed to it have more money than those currently in power. It’s just the way things work today. Sad to say.

My answer: Well, there is civil disobedience. Those against the Vietnam War and those against Jim Crow and, before that, slavery were paupers in comparison to those who profited from the status quo. It takes time, though.

Further comment: You’re right…the civil rights movement ultimately triumphed despite overwhelming odds. I fear however that the only thing that would change the economic status quo in this country would be outright revolution. You know, back to the sixties.