Fukushima spews, and Vermont Yankee gets extended

So the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission extends Vermont Yankee’s nearly expired lease, trumping local Vermonters from closing the damn leaking Fukushima-modeled thing down. This from Democracy Now!.

Here is a response from a friend, a Vermont native, to my post of this on Facebook:

I’m not opposed to nuclear power in general, but I take exception to this leaky, out-of-date plant being allowed to stay open. It is of the same vintage as the plant in Japan, and it’s already leaking, so I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s okay to keep it open. It wasn’t intended to last beyond the original timeframe. Either shut it down or put up a more modern, safer version. This is an incredibly environmentally-conscious state, and we have every right to insist that it close down as promised. I think the VY owners should come here to live with the people who work at the plant, or live near it, and then see if they feel it should stay open.