Wow! Vermont passes single-payer healthcare law

Check out this.

Uh oh, but what about Medicare’s math problem: Taxes – benefits = trouble on NPR?

Yeah, yeah, just look at the comments that follow:

“America will never improve their inefficient, expensive health care system as long as

  • it is based on runaway profits, and
  • all Americans do not have access to it.

“Currently, over 52 million Americans don’t have any health insurance. And that number fluctuates up to around 90 million who periodically don’t have any. Does that sound like a recipe for any kind of health care success to anyone?…

“Little weird that the reporter asks if this is a pyramid scheme, with, what sounded to me like a knowing wink. How is it a pyramid if there are only two players — this generation and the next one?…

“Seems to me it’s well documented American’s get only about 1/5 the medical bang for the buck as do other industrialized nations. If the math is recalculated then 300k/5 = 60K and the average citizen has paid in 100K….

“Only fool/polit crook can think that private insurance is the solution to our health/drug cost crisis! Disregarding the CEO’s and executive officers’ 7-digit salaries, the health care insurance company’s fiduciary duty is with their stockholders -make profit -not with their customers! If you have their stock you may get some dividends (and probably will) but certainly your health care will not be cheaper! In other words you’ll be taken for a ride…

“The only practical solution is one of the variants of the SINGLE-PAYER system like in all developed countries I’ve been to (Canada, Germany, France, Aussies, and many others I haven’t been to)! A single-payer system puts pressure on health providers and drug companies to hold costs down and take insurance companies out of the loop -that’s why it’s so hated by them and their Capitol Hill lobby!”