The real implications of climate change

by Naomi Klein, journalist, author, and social activist calls for system change through a relocalizing of our economies and a fundamental shift away from market-based “free trade” globalization.

Please watch this 11-minute video

We cannot deal with climate change unless we deal with the underlying system that impedes any efforts toward amelioration: capitalism gone beserk. So-called market-based efforts are futile.

Capitalism needs endless growth in order to survive–and it is precisely that need for growth that obviates sustainability. The planet is overburdened not just with carbon emissions but with overfishing, with overuse of water–of course, with overpopulation, too, but just hopefully, if only we could rethink our need for continuous growth (every period without growth is a crisis in capitalism: a recession, a depression), we might find a way to sustain continued support for the biosphere, including human life.

I so highly recommend y’all listen to this 11-minute speech by this eloquent author. Most everyone is in denial about the fundamental implications of climate change.