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On earth peace, good will toward men

Merry Christmas everyone. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (KJV Luke 2:14)… wouldn’t that be nice to really give peace a chance? For all you theists: Ben Franklin said that God helps those who help themselves. Take a look and listen at what John and Yoko said… Continue reading →

The U.S. and Iraq after the war

by Jack Smith (in Activist Newsletter) Part 1: Obama’s interpretation of the war President Obama bid farewell to the Iraq war after nearly 9 years of conflict in a November 14 speech to troops of the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg, NC. He virtually damned the war with the faintest of praise. The problem… Continue reading →

Mission accomplished in Iraq: Blood and treasure wasted, empire’s lies unmasked

Our new Secretary of “Defense,” Leon Panetta, insists, while announcing the supposed end to our war in Iraq, while referring to our soldiers who died there, that those lives were not lost in vain. Yeah? He regurgitates that cheap clause, used again and again since Lincoln famously used it at… Continue reading →